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For the love of pencil art!
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Blocks (Modern AU! Reiner X Reader)
“Dammit!!!” The loud roar of a male resounded albeit a little muffled since you heard it from being outside of the apartment from which it came from.  Sighing, you pulled out the spare key to the flat from your bag and unlocked the front door.
When you went in you were met with what sounded like chase music and the constant voice of a female saying, “Edge.”  Stepping into the open door at the end of a hallway that was emitting all the noise you saw your boyfriend groaning as he pulled blocks on a video game that you have recently gave him.  Catherine was what it was called and you smiled at how it caused you blond macho-man to distress, something that was rarely seen.  
“NO! I meant pull not push!”  One of his powerful hands pushed through his short hair as he redid the action.  Giggling so silently that he wouldn’t hear, you dropped your bag by the door while you stepped closer to him.  “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuc
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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 by 00Ninja HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 :icon00ninja:00Ninja 0 3 New Year's Card for 2013 by 00Ninja New Year's Card for 2013 :icon00ninja:00Ninja 1 3
I Am Offering This Webcomic To You
I am offering this poem to you,
since I have nothing else to give.
Keep it like a bucket
filled with all your flushed feelings,
or like a box full of chalk
whose taste is oh so vibrant,
                 I love you,
I have nothing else to give you,
so it is a pie full of sopor slime
that dilutes our dark insanity,
it is a lustrious sash, to wear
around your waist, styling your pain,
                 I love you,
Keep it, treasure this as you would
if you were crippled, needing assistance,
going down your flight of infinite stairs,
to get to your deck of cards
so that we could play a game
of luck and magic,
I will come in and be your fairy tale,
a princess coming to save her prince,
                 I love you...
:icon00ninja:00Ninja 2 1
The Spirit Lurking Around the Corner
Is there life after death?  Do the deceased still linger upon our world, searching endlessly for a body that they had lost?  Questions like this are highly debatable among the many.  Some believe that one dies and goes up to heaven, no strings attached.  Others, however, believe that some souls are not as lucky.  They believe that some people are stuck in this world and cannot escape; lost souls trapped in a veil of being in-between the otherworld and the world that they have lived on for so long.  Some believe that these souls, ghosts if you will, linger here for different reasons.  Perhaps they died quickly and never even knew, or maybe they want vengeance for a dark act that had claimed their life.  Either way many believe that the souls of the lost still walk amongst us.  I for one believe all of the stories and had learned that I should enjoy life as it is, because you only have one. 
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Birthday Gift for Toadiko25
A teenage troll who has just turned eight sweeps old sits boredly at her computer.  What is her name?
Good.  No horseplay today.  You really do not want to get on your own bad side since you look kinda hostile, considering that it's your turning of the sweeps day.  What do you do now?
==> Go stare into the eyes of your Trollventure Time poster cast.
Ah, yes Trollventure Time.  It is by far your favorite television show as of the moment and you can't help but look into the eyes of Finn the human.  If you did not know, humans are these pasty colored organisms that live similar to trolls but in a more simple and dumb way.  Seriously why do these humans have to live so dumbly?  They don't even have quadrants for Gog's sake!  
==> So?
It's just kinda weird ok?  Whatever, you have human 'friends' who might be bothering you at a time's notice. What now?
==> Jump on your desk and screa
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Kylie, Wait For Troll To Makeout With You by 00Ninja Kylie, Wait For Troll To Makeout With You :icon00ninja:00Ninja 4 8 SlOpPy MaKeOuTs In KiTcHeN nOw by 00Ninja SlOpPy MaKeOuTs In KiTcHeN nOw :icon00ninja:00Ninja 3 0
April 1912
America stood nervously in the rain by his green lady who showed the world his freedom and hope.  He couldn't understand why it had to happen.  Why it did happen.  And why to his best friend, though he wouldn't say that in front of other people.  Just when he was about to head home for the night he saw people come from a ship onto the safe pier.  He looked to see if his friend was there and when he found him he saw the worse look on his face ever.  His eyes looked like there was no life left and that all hope was gone.  America gasped at this and ran to the blonde country.
"England are you okay?" He asked softly with full concern in his eyes knowing that the tragedy must have shaken up the Brit.
"Gone.  It's gone.  They're gone.  All of them."  He muttered and broke down, falling to his knees in front of the American.  
"Yeah I know…" America answered.
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Antarctica Rolling Girl by 00Ninja Antarctica Rolling Girl :icon00ninja:00Ninja 0 13 Pervy Antarctica by 00Ninja Pervy Antarctica :icon00ninja:00Ninja 1 3 Pervy Riley is Pervy by 00Ninja Pervy Riley is Pervy :icon00ninja:00Ninja 0 7
Maples and Hot Chocolate Prolouge
A young looking, appearing in her late twenties, woman sat on a beautiful chair made of crystal and ice.  She was happily watching two young children play in the snow together.  One of the children was a boy with wavy blonde hair, blue-violet eyes, and a small cure curl that laid in front of his face.  He smiled brightly at the long brown-haired, gray with blue speckled eyes who was trying to make a snowball.  She failed and when the boy laughed she threw just plain old snow at him, and together they had burst into a joyful laughing fit.  Then the girl ran to the woman who gently picked her up and embraced her in a warm hug.
"Mother Arctic, who am I playing with again?"  The young girl asked softly, trying to be nice and not let her friend know that she has forgotten.
"Why that's Canada.  Nice boy isn't he?"  Mother Arctic replied with a smile.
"Yes mommy, he is.  He's my bestest friend ever!" she
:icon00ninja:00Ninja 2 3
Return Home
Matthew Williams took his first breath of the summer air in Portland as he walked off his plane with his numerous suitcases.  It's been so long since I've been home.  I wonder how Al's doing.  He thought as he grabbed a taxi headed straight for Resurgam Hospital to see his brother.  Then it's off to Cumberland Institute of Forensic Medicine for a task given to him by some of his colleagues.  Apparently some strange murders were occurring over the area and were deemed a cold case until further notice.
As the taxi slowed down in front of the hospital, Matthew suddenly became nervous.  Oh crap!  What if Al has forgotten about me?  I knew I should've given him a call!  It was too late though and after paying the driver he stood in front of the place his brother worked at.  Well, here goes nothing, he thought as he held his held up high and walked towards the entrance of the hospital.
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America and Rosalia by 00Ninja America and Rosalia :icon00ninja:00Ninja 2 13 America's Rosalia by 00Ninja America's Rosalia :icon00ninja:00Ninja 16 6


Bored Morty by mamiuuuuuu Bored Morty :iconmamiuuuuuu:mamiuuuuuu 200 16 Snivy by hontor Snivy :iconhontor:hontor 688 22 SHSL Water Illusionist by Supurreme SHSL Water Illusionist :iconsupurreme:Supurreme 8 1 MMD Female Pokemon Trainer Base DL by 0-0-Alice-0-0 MMD Female Pokemon Trainer Base DL :icon0-0-alice-0-0:0-0-Alice-0-0 252 37 OCTOLINGS || MMD Splatoon Models by o-NOVA-o OCTOLINGS || MMD Splatoon Models :icono-nova-o:o-NOVA-o 212 40 MMD- Split Hair -DL by MMDFakewings18 MMD- Split Hair -DL :iconmmdfakewings18:MMDFakewings18 935 47 MMD Yandere Simulator Models by xxSnowCherryxx MMD Yandere Simulator Models :iconxxsnowcherryxx:xxSnowCherryxx 611 183 MMD Motion Data Index R~Z (Updated  14/04/15) by MMD-Nay-PMD MMD Motion Data Index R~Z (Updated 14/04/15) :iconmmd-nay-pmd:MMD-Nay-PMD 1,688 961 MMD Motion Data Index A~G (Updated  14/04/15) by MMD-Nay-PMD MMD Motion Data Index A~G (Updated 14/04/15) :iconmmd-nay-pmd:MMD-Nay-PMD 2,852 2,454 We're Yu-Gi-Oh by zanezell155 We're Yu-Gi-Oh :iconzanezell155:zanezell155 173 16 Quite really by Achrocide Quite really :iconachrocide:Achrocide 170 36
Mechanical Hearts- Prologue (FNaF Reader Insert)
This was it. Today was the day that your life began! Admittedly, it was a groggy morning and a slow afternoon due to a late-night gaming session, but today was the day! You had packed your bags the night before: Two bags full of clothes, equipment, and your comforts from home. You checked, double-checked, and then triple-checked the contents. Your new job started today, the first job you'd ever had (other than an embarassing stint as a server in order to pay for a few video games once.)
You were fresh from college, a young mind now well-versed in the workings of all things mechanical and computerized. Ever since you were young, you'd always held a fascination of anything you could take apart. At first, it had been pens and small plastic toys when you were young, but you moved on to more complicated toys and small appliances as you grew older. It seemed you had a natural talent for disassembling something and finding the problems within. So with your parents' help and funding, you had s
:iconchibialchemist3:chibialchemist3 241 19
Afternoon with Ghost Trick by Lapis-Razuri Afternoon with Ghost Trick :iconlapis-razuri:Lapis-Razuri 1,355 47 im going to hell for this... by Fire-In-Hearts im going to hell for this... :iconfire-in-hearts:Fire-In-Hearts 22 21



United States
Fav Color: Purple, blue, green, red, and silver.
Fav Gaming Systems: Wii U, GameCube, 3DS, SNES, PlayStation
Fav Games: SPLATOON, Mario Kart 8, 999, Ace Attorney Series, Pokemon, Ghost Trick, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
Fav Books: Maximum Ride(#1-3), The Fault in Our Stars, Being Dead, The Vampire Stalker...etc
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